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If you wish to arrange a booking please use the linked email below to contact us. We will get back to you as soon as possible. (We had a form here, but the spambots are getting too clever so just use your own email to contact us.)

Please keep in mind that we are not a professional troupe and our dancers do have other lives outside the Morris. We are able to take only a limited number of engagements each season and just because a date on our calendar is not filled does not mean that it is availble for booking.

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Perchance to dance?
Join Charlbury Morris.

Morris dancing is more than just hanky-waving and whacking one another with sticks. It is participating in and maintaining an ancient English custom; it is learning different dance traditions and local history and sharing that with interested audiences; it is camaraderie with people who share your interest; it is beer-drinking (mostly real ale, and cider for at least one of us); and above all, it is good exercise. (Haven't you been telling yourself you need more of that—and we are not just talking about hoisting pints.)spic6.jpg

We are always looking for interested individuals from the local community to join our band of merry men*. Our dancers hail from Chipping Norton to Oxford and all points in between. No experience is necessary—we provide training.

Should you seek some lively exercise or feel the urge to be doing something really different while entertaining others with your dance or musical talent do consider joining Charlbury Morris. Give our bagman Peter (the chap in the green waistcoat in the picture above) a call on 01608 811 007 for more information or use the email form on the contact page, or even just stop by at one of our practice sessions listed on the schedule page.

*As you will have noticed from the photos, in keeping with the older Morris customs Charlbury Morris is an all male side. Of course we have have a dedicated ‛support staff’ of spouses and partners, but if you wish to dance in a mixed side we highly recommend Charlbury's other Morris side, Wychwayz Border Morris.